The Baby Product Blueprint

Leave this seven module course with a step-by-step blueprint for achieving success with your baby product business.

You Can Do This. I Can Help.

I started my business in 2005 while pregnant with my second baby.

Within 5 years it had become a seven figure business.

Today I run that business on as little as 10 hours a week.

Along the way I have kept excellent notes on the pitfalls, obstacles and short cuts and have laid out a plan of achievement for someone else who is just starting their journey to the top.

If you are yearning for a more flexible lifestyle and the freedom to organize your schedule around the needs of your family, then I don’t need to convince you that having your own business is the answer.

So I’ll skip the spiel.

No need to convince you of a conclusion you have already come to on your own.

After all, you probably already know that creating a successful business is the key tipping point that will allow you to leverage your time and uncover the freedom and flexibility to focus on the needs of your family and step away from trading hours for dollars in the corporate cubicle.


What you might be looking for is the HOW.


I will show you the exact steps that allowed me to step away from my high profile corporate career and replace that income in a way that allowed me to be there for every school drop off and pick up, give my learning disabled son the private school education he needed and take some pretty great vacations along the way.

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This is the first business training that is dedicated specifically for those looking to make a mark in the baby goods industry.

A seven module, step by step plan that will walk you through exactly what to do for your first 12 months in business and beyond to ensure your business success.

Discover the steps involved in registering your business and weighing the pros and cons of incorporation.  Develop the vision and brand for the kind of business that you want to have.

Access manufacturers.  Learn about developing a production calendar, the pros and cons of domestic or international manufacturing and decide on the right order fulfillment option for you.

Within in this course you will also have access to our Website in a Week course and our 48 page guide on building a fully functionally and search engine optimized e-commerce website as your central hub.

Learn how to get into the best baby boutiques and access top sales reps.  I'll teach you how to have your best trade show yet and tell you how we got our product in Nordstroms.

Learn how to build your email list, use facebook advertising, understand Google's re-targeting pixel and drive traffic through Pinterest to build strong and relevant relationships with your current and future customers.  (HINT:  Having a big Instagram following has nothing to do with it)

I'll show you how to set up your accounting systems, prepare for the financing needed for growth and what you should be looking at every week, month, quarter and year to ensure financial success.

Make your business scalable and begin with the end in mind.  These systems will get you out of doing the $10/hour jobs and move you into the freedom that you dream about.

Managing Yourself as an Entrepreneur

This bonus module brings together the best of 20 passionate years of reading and studying every productivity and time management system written and developed.  It's my secret addiction and I'm laying out the best of the best here for you.

Exactly what you will get:

  • A step-by-step blueprint that outlines the exact actions we took to build, grow and hone this business.
    • My manufacturing contact list and the exact details each factory needs to produce your items.  We'll give you the swipe files for our patterns and technical specs for the factory.
  • A fully functional, SEO enabled website to begin selling your products.
    • My list of sales reps and distributors to contact for your wholesale sales and my email swipe file to contact them.
  • My list, complete with contact information, for over 1,500 baby boutiques in North America .
    • A full breakdown of what suppliers we use for every element from hang tag design and boxes and email management.
  • Our annual master calendar with production, trade show and marketing timelines.


Yes.  I need this!

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A Peek into the Modules

The modules are released weekly.  One will become available every Monday for eight consecutive Mondays.

Each module contains five 20-30 minute lessons with downloadable worksheets, checklists and swipe files

You could commit to doing one lesson a day, Monday to Friday, or pick one day of the week to power through all five.

The modules leverage and synergize all your efforts from production to accounting to social media within one master calendar plan.


The modules assume nothing.


We will quickly take you from knowing absolutely nothing to running a highly profitable and automated business. 

These lessons are full of 'how-to' versus 'why-to'.

We will hold your hand through the process from prospecting manufacturers to setting up your accounting books and show lots of screen shots along the way.

Additionally, there is a weekly Ask Me Anything hour to support you on your journey.


Join the VIP list and be one of the first to hear when enrolment opens.

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It’s time to make those dreams happen.

Time is the most precious gift that we have and while some of the days might feel long (we see you there with Raffi on repeat), this time that you have at home with a young family is time that you can't get back. Embrace the freedom and flexibility of your own business and make sure that you are spending your time intentionally.


Hi  I'm Danielle.  My life changed for the better when I found the freedom, flexibility and unlimited possibility of entrepreneurship and I want to help you find that too.

My career began with big ad agencies - think Mad Men with less smoking and more women in power positions - where I worked on small and local brands like Tourism British Columbia to big national brands like MacDonalds, Boston Pizza and General Motors.

After 15 years, yearning for more control over my time, I put my hard working hustle to work for myself building three companies and a registered non-profit in the past 13 years.  I've never looked back.  

And I want the same feeling of freedom and possibility for you.

Sometimes just knowing where to start is the hardest part - and I've got you covered.

Let me help you create the life that you imagine.


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